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The Longevity Formula

​We do not just help reverse type 2 diabetes

Reduce Inflammation


Average reduction in hs-CRP after 1 year

​Improve Liver Function


Average ​improvement after 1 year

​Lower Triglycerides


​Average reduction in triglycerides after 1 year

​Decrease Insulin-Resistance


​Average reduction in HOMA-IR after 1 year

Weight Loss made easy and fun!

The Longevity Formula is our proven wellness program that increases employee engagement in work, life and health. The Longevity Formula is a private online learning and lifestyle change program that helps employees master their health and healthcare costs. The Longevity Formula ​can also be taken by invididuals and families, to provide better health and help reverse chronic diseases without any surgery or medications.

Lose weight without hunger.

Boost energy, no matter your age.

Have mindfulness in your life.