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Sep 12

Path of Life Book Club

September 12, 2020 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Give yourself the gift in 2020 of venturing into a quest. Join the Path of Life Book Club!

A revised explanation from Paul Fraser:

Before Pangu Shengong came into existence as a powerful and effective Qi Gong form, there were thousands of instances of people healing serious illnesses and difficult life issues through reading the three volumes of The Path of Life. After receiving numerous reports from readers of The Path of Life, Master Ou was inspired to ask Pangu if the information and experience of these books could be condensed into what we now know as Pangu Shengong. Master Ou teaches that for one to be an outstanding practitioner of Pangu Shengong, he encourages the following 5 practices:
1) Practice of the Pangu Shengong Qi Gong forms (Moving, Nonmoving, and Advanced/Condensed as applicable).
2) Give healing sessions whenever possible, either through the application of The Healing Form, or through practicing PGSG for the benefit of others.
3) Try to increase our kindness, tolerance and love in all situations.
4) Read all three volumes of The Path of Life regularly.
5) Inform and encourage others in the above practices.

Now that The Path of Life is available in English, we have an opportunity to bring even more health and happiness to ourselves and the people around us.

The Proposal:
Practicing PGSG in a group increases its effectiveness. The same is true for reading and discussing The Path of Life. In both cases, a greater number of people engaged in the practice increases the Qi field in a way that is greater than the sum of the participants’ Qi fields. Many people have participated in regular group practice of PGSG. To deepen the practice and its effects, we may add a Path of Life book club meeting!

We read 6 chapters each meeting. 2021 dates TBD. The host may connect with Master Ou’s heart beforehand (become calm, recite the PGSG maxim, and ask to be connected with Master Ou’s heart) and then choose one chapter from the meeting’s portion to read aloud to the group, and then open a free flowing discussion of those chapters that were read for the meeting.

The Logistics:
Certainly, choosing to be a part of the book club requires *commitment. Please do your best to attend either in person or by phone, FaceTime etc. The meetings are not recorded. All the participants will have to have read the chapters beforehand. A coordinator may send out questions about the chapters for participants to ponder or answer. We suggest preparing a one page response to questions. To begin the discussion, each person may read his or her response to the group. Participants are also encouraged to choose an intention for book club and observe how that intentions shifts as the months go by.


September 12, 2020
11:30 am - 12:30 pm