Converse and collaborate at scale

No hardware. No downloads. No maintenance cost. Plug-n-Play our cloud PBX system today. With Freshcaller, you can deliver delight at scale without taking on the cost and complexity of legacy software.

Enable your phone teams to work from home or remotely

As a business, it is critical that your phone teams are prepared to work from home or remotely now, more than ever. Freshcaller’s cloud-based phone solution gives you the flexibility to break free from your desk and work from anywhere. You can manage and run your phone operations seamlessly even while working remotely.

Empower your customer support team

Deploy the best call routing engine complete with IVRs, smart escalations, and best-in-class on-call capabilities for agents to transfer calls, notes, or conference with others. You really won’t be worried about phones anymore. Instead, focus on responses and resolutions to all your support-related conversations.

Equip your sales teams

Are your sales superheroes using legacy phone systems? Or dialing in using their personal mobile connection? Ease of use, low learning curve, and coverage on-the-go make Freshcaller a better phone solution and dependable side-kick to your superheroes.

Engage customers with voicebots

Most bot solutions require coding and are cumbersome to maintain. Powered by Freddy AI, our voicebot tracks intent and engages with customers to resolve issues faster.

Key Phone System Capabilities

Easy Number Management

Port your current numbers or buy phone number from 90+ countries inside Freshcaller.

Custom Reporting

Use any of the pre-built reports or build your own phone report. You can also schedule your reports to be delivered into your inbox.

Advanced Inbound Routing Engine

Every single inbound call scenario handled - whether during business hours or outside working hours including holidays.

Best-in-Class Supervisor Controls

Virtually monitor every conversation, help with vital ones, keep track of service levels and call queues.

Powering millions of conversations for businesses of all sizes

Connect with tools you already use

Integrate the tools that you already use with Freshchat to get all the context in one place.

Gift your teams the chance to use a truly modern phone system

Sign up for Freshcaller today! You get a 21-day trial with access to all features.

Freshchat combines best-in-class ticketing, self-service, and reporting.


For standard support
$ 15 Agent / Month
  • 1000 incoming minutes/month
  • Chatbots
  • Chatbot Analytics
  • Inbox Views
  • Topics
  • Groups
  • Canned Responses
  • User Segmentation
  • Business Hours


For getting efficient
$ 29 Agent / Month
  • 2000 incoming minutes/month
  • Everything in Blossom and...
  • Auto-Resolve
  • Team Performance Report
  • CSAT Survey & Report
  • WhatsApp Business ADD-ON
  • Custom Apps
  • 200K MUV/agent


For stellar performance
$ 45 Agent / Month
  • 3000 incoming minutes/month
  • Everything in Garden and..
  • Round-robin Routing
  • Custom Roles
  • Portal Rebrand
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Customer Segments