Make support easy for the
digital-first customer

Freshchat helps you deliver effortless, personalized customer service using a blend of bot and human assistance across familiar channels.

Automate beyond just FAQs

Deploy AI-powered chatbots in the front lines to guide customers to resolve their queries - from informational to transactional, regardless of the channel they are on.

Bring customer service to the customer

Support customers where they already are - on modern conversational experiences like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, LINE, and even website and mobile app messaging.

Reach out to customers before they reach you

Manage your end-to-end field service operations from right within Freshdesk.

Powering millions of conversations for businesses of all sizes

Connect with tools you already use

Integrate the tools that you already use with Freshchat to get all the context in one place.

Transform your customer service
today with bots and messaging

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Freshchat combines best-in-class ticketing, self-service, and reporting.


For standard support
$ 15 Agent / Month
  • 1,000 bot sessions/month
  • Chatbots
  • Chatbot Analytics
  • Inbox Views
  • Topics
  • Groups
  • Canned Responses
  • User Segmentation
  • Business Hours


For getting efficient
$ 29 Agent / Month
  • 2000 bot sessions/month
  • Everything in Blossom and...
  • Auto-Resolve
  • Team Performance Report
  • CSAT Survey & Report
  • WhatsApp Business ADD-ON
  • Custom Apps
  • 200K MUV/agent


For stellar performance
$ 45 Agent / Month
  • 3000 bot sessions/month
  • Everything in Garden and..
  • Round-robin Routing
  • Custom Roles
  • Portal Rebrand
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Customer Segments