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Coronavirus is changing our lives as we know them. Let's Help America Stay Healthy.

Introducing the Great American Health Adventure, a 100% FREE premium program for this 2020 specially crafted for online and outdoor adventures. Stay safe at home from Coronavirus and boost your energy and health, at no cost.

Your Wellness Community

How can we serve you?

On these hard times, the Coronavirus situation has awaken many fears amongst organizations on what can they do to make their workforce feel better and avoid getting sick, while at the same time driving engagement and staying safe at home.

Luckily for you, we have the answer: A Wellness Community that can help you boost your immune system, learn to improve your health, change your lifestyle and more without the need to leave your home, thus staying safe from Coronavirus.

Programs for your organization

The Great American Health Adventure and The Longevity Formula are our main programs to help you achieve great health.

The Great American Health Adventure is a 100% free experience program for this 2020 specially designed to use this time at home to self-improve your health, and it is also designed to create strong leadership on your local community by doing events on the great outdoors when it becomes safe again to do so.

The Longevity Formula is our flagship experience program specifically oriented to organizations and companies that want to drive engagement, boost morale and improve the health of their workforce.

We also help individuals and organizations create, launch and host experience programs which will turn into revenue for them and great outcomes for their clients.


Increase Engagement

The key to increasing employee engagement is to care. We care about the health and well-being of your employees and take the time to listen to their concerns, struggles, and goals.

Happier Employees

Lifestyle change can be difficult. We make lifestyle change easy and fun. 5-Day Challenges provide simple plan designed to help employees succeed. Success breeds success and happiness. 

Lower Healthcare Costs

In addition to providing lifestyle change that transforms health, we also empower employees to take more responsibility for their healthcare costs and help them make smarter choices. 

Transform Health

Traditional weight loss and disease management programs don't work. We provide science-based lifestyle change protocols that work. We make keto and fasting simple and fun.

Here’s what people are saying about our programs

Jan A. 

Registered Nurse

I have lost 19 pounds

Since I have started the wellness program, I am proud to report that I have lost 19 pounds. The program information is easy to read, understand, and recall.

​Tom R.

HR Manager

I don't want to take medication

I do not want to take any medication for diabetes nor hypertension. While there is no magic pill, starting my week with a lesson helps me to stay focused on my health-related goals. 

Edwin M

Surgical Tech

My wife and I have lost weight together

My wife and I have done the program together and lost 24 lbs since the program began. We now walk together and are careful about what we eat.

Create, launch and host your experience programs

We can help you with everything, you have the idea and we have the tools to make it happen. We are ready to be your partners in creating your best experience product.

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