How to Manage Peripheral Neuropathy Naturally

Nerve damage is one of the more serious complications that may arise due to diabetes. This is known as neuropathy – where the nerves outside your brain and spinal cord are affected.

This condition is serious, and you’ll definitely need to get professional medical help to keep it in check. Your nerves control your voluntary and involuntary activities. Walking, standing, talking and a plethora of other movements you consciously make are controlled by your nerves in this region.

Even the involuntary actions such as your breathing, circulation, digestion, etc. are controlled by your peripheral nerves too.

There are several symptoms of nerve damage such as: sudden jabs of sharp pain, coldness in limbs, numbness, lethargic muscles, burning sensation, sensitive skin, skin feels itchy, etc.

Take note of the sensations you feel and speak to your doctor about the symptoms. By now you’ll realize that this is a problem that you really don’t want to have. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to it and the key to avoiding neuropathy is to keep your diabetes from escalating.

However, if you already have it, below you’ll find a few natural ways to keep it in check. The truth is that the points below are what applies to most diabetics. It’s the ‘common sense’ things that everyone knows they need to do, but they don’t. Apply the pointers and your condition will improve.

Stop smoking

The last thing someone suffering from neuropathy needs is toxins from cigarettes in their system. These little ‘cancer sticks’ damage your blood vessels and prevent them from getting the oxygen they need.

For a person suffering from nerve damage, it’s even more important to have healthy, oxygenated blood. Quit smoking as soon as possible. This is not an option, but a necessity.

Manage your blood pressure and cholesterol

Avoid excessive salt intake to prevent hypertension. The goal here is to keep your blood vessels healthy and strong. Nerves require strong blood vessels to function optimally.

The bad cholesterol levels in your body will affect your blood vessels adversely too. Clogged arteries will impede blood flow and cause a myriad of other issues within the body.

You can always bring your cholesterol levels down by cutting out processed foods and exercising more. You’ll have to take a two-pronged approach here. Diet alone is not enough. You must exercise regularly – even walking is fine. What matters is that you get more activity in your life.

Avoid alcohol

It goes without saying that beer and other hard liquor should be avoided at all cost. Forget the wine too. Neuropathy is a serious problem and any type of alcohol may exacerbate the condition.

Water and fresh fruit/vegetable juices will give your body the nutrients it needs. One can live just fine without wine and the resveratrol benefits that come with it.

These are some of the best ways to keep your neuropathy from getting worse. Remember to go for regular medical check ups to assess your condition.

Besides that, clean up your diet, exercise regularly, de-stress whenever possible, and keep a close eye on your diabetes. Monitor your blood sugar levels and keep them stable.

Your diabetes directly affects your neuropathy. So, be serious about the disease and watch it like a hawk. Casualness leads to casualties.

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