individuals and families

​Catered to your needs

​We also provide wellness services to individuals and their families​. The only requirement is wanting to improve your health!

​Our flagship program is affordable and every member of your family can be a part of it as your dependant. We offer options that cater your budget.

​Together, we can

​With the support of our Longevity Coaches, and your family, you can achieve outstanding results.

Looking to 180º your life for the better? We are here to lead the way.

Reverse chronic conditions such as diabetes, inflammation, obesity and sedentarism, with our scientific-proven Longevity Formula program.

Enroll now and get the 5-Day Keto Challenge absolutely free!

​What is the 5-Day Keto Challenge?

​It is an intensive, 5-Day program that kick-starts the path to our program. By taking this you will experience first-hand the benefits of the ketogenic diet and also the definition of declutter, in your body and home, will take a new meaning. All of this while having fun and boosting energy.

​Can I try it? Is it safe?

Sure you can! It's completely free and safe for everyone in your family. We have certified Longevity Coaches that will accompany you all the way. Plus, when enrolling with your family, you'll have double the support!

About Reversing Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Nearly three-quarters of American men and women struggle with obesity, type 2 diabetes, or both. Much of what we have been taught about nutrition, obesity and diabetes is wrong. Until recently, type 2 diabetes was considered to be a chronic and progressive disease. Recent clinical trials, however, prove that type 2 diabetes can be reversed. A well-formed ketogenic diet, time restricted eating, and intermittent fasting are science-based protocols that help people lose weight, increase energy and reverse type 2 diabetes. We make keto, fasting, and longevity simple and fun. Together, we can help people master their health.