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Be the better version of yourself, with good health, high stamina and sharpness.

Welcome to the Carepoint Health Keto Corporate Challenge.

5 Days to discover an amazing, fun, easy and healthy lifestyle.

The free CarePoint Health Keto Corporate Challenge begins on Monday, November 11th!


How many times have you felt drained and tired?

The CarePoint Health Keto Challenge is a free wellness program that will unleash your power: you'll be sharper, more focused, energetic and you'll also feel lighter.

Forget about feeling sleepy and tired all the time, the ideas you'll need will pop-up in no time and you'll be able to perform your routine like you've always wanted to.

​You can Burn Fat and Boost Energy

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. You have success for a period of time only to slip and put it back on. Counting calories and tracking steps is not easy and may feel like a constant struggle. 

You struggle with feeling hungry more than your friends and co-workers. You may feel irritable when you don't eat on time and give-in to food cravings that aren't healthy choices.

Even worse, you blame yourself and have come to believe that you don't have the will power to succeed. The problem is not you or your will power. The problem lies with the modern diet and U.S. food guidelines.

Traditional weight loss programs ignore one of the central problems, insulin resistance, and don't work. While Keto does work and turns your body into an energized, fat burning machine.

Sign up for free now and unleash your ​power!

Recommended by the people who know best

Our challenge is proudly sponsored by our partners at Carepoint Health, an exceptional care provider with hospitals in all of New Jersey. We have the pleasure of serving as their wellness program provider and we are proud to empower their X000+ employees with high-end coaching for a better life.

Here's what you can expect

The next 5-Day Keto Challenge begins on Monday, November 11th. After signing up your company, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and timeline. On Friday, November 9th, each participant will receive their Five-Day Keto Challenge toolkit. The toolkit includes their Keto Meal Plan, Shopping Plan and Kitchen Plan.


Daily Video and Live Q&A

You will receive access to our online course that includes a daily video plus Live Q & A from our team of Keto experts. 


Daily Challenge

Each day you will be asked to complete a daily challenge and given the opportunity to share on our community platform.


Meal Plan and Shopping Plan

You will receive our Five-Day Keto Meal Plan and Shopping Plan on Friday, October 25th. This gives you time to prepare for the Challenge. 


Keto Recipes

During the Challenge you will have access to our Member's only section with more than 200 Keto recipes. Build your own custom meal plan.

Here’s what people are saying about the program

Jan A. 

Registered Nurse

I have lost 19 pounds

Since I have started the wellness program, I am proud to report that I have lost 19 pounds. The program information is easy to read, understand, and recall. Anyone who wants to make their lives better should try this challenge.

Ted R.

HR Manager

I don't want to take medication

I do not want to take any medication to stay sharp , energized and focused. While there is no magic pill, starting my week with a lesson helps me to stay focused on my health-related goals. And you know what? I'm glad it's completely up to me and not any medication.

Edwin M

Surgical Tech

My wife and I have lost together

My wife and I have done the program together and lost 24 lbs since we started. We now walk together and are careful about what we eat. We never thought that after a 5-day challenge we'd be able to feel so energetic, so we are now keto warriors forever.

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