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300 Keto Points

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400 Keto Points

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500 Keto Points

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Welcome to the Easy Keto Challenge. Your mission for today, if you choose to accept it, is to:

  1. Eat Keto: See below for your weekly meal plan. You can claim 40 Easy Keto Points for this tomorrow!
  2. Introduce yourself and share what you hope to achieve in our Easy Keto Challenge discussion group. You’ll get 5 Easy Keto Points!
  3. Bonus: Take Lessons 1 to 3 of the Bulletproof Keto Course. You’ll get 2 Easy Keto Points for lesson taken, that’s 6 in total for today’s bonus.
  4. Bonus: Easy Keto Live Q&A @ 07:00 PM ET. Join us here. You’ll get 5 Easy Keto Points!


Before you begin the Easy Keto Challenge, we recommend that you tidy and prepare your kitchen. We have discovered that tidying your kitchen boosts your energy and joy while living keto. When you have finished, take a picture and save it!

10 Ways to Keto Kitchen

There are many ways you can get Easy Keto Points, the main one is: eat keto! You have to eat keto on breakfast, lunch an dinner everyday of the challenge.

Please note that all recipes are for 4 servings. Adjust the number of servings that you need for each meal prior to creating your shopping list. Remember, it is not important to count calories during the Easy Keto Challenge. Don't go hungry or you might give-in to food cravings. Remember: There is no need to count calories. You can drink as many cups of coffee or tea as you'd like as long as you don't add sugar to them. Keto-approved sweeteners such as Erythytrol are OK.

You can create your own meal plan from our 100+ recipes, and it's as easy as 1-2-3. We have prepared video tutorials for this feature and are available here .


Whether you’re searching for more options or want to have all there is available to help your Keto way, just click on any of these sections to view more content.

Obviously, we’re avoiding carbs here. So here are some food choices that are high in sugars or carbohydrates in general:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Added sugar (refined or raw)
  • Honey
  • Pizza
  • Fries
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Condiments high in sugar
  • Higher carb fruits, such as apples or bananas
  • Starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, and carrots

Of course, we all love pizza, pasta, hamburgers and hot dogs — we have Keto versions of them so don’t worry!

Just in case you want to have other options to get recipes for yourself. You are free to submit any Keto recipe you can find that you’ve loved to our website.

Switching from a high-carb diet to a very-low-carb diet lowers insulin levels in your body. This is not only healthy but also one of the primary goals of a ketogenic diet. When insulin levels are very low, your liver begins converting fat into ketones, which most of your cells can use in place of glucose. When your body is mainly using ketones and fat for energy, you’re in a state of ketosis.

However, it takes your brain and other organs some time to adapt to using this new fuel. When your insulin levels drop, your body responds by excreting more sodium in the urine, along with water. Because of this, you’ll probably find yourself urinating a lot more often in the first week or so of a keto diet.

This change is responsible for some of the rapid – and usually very welcome! – weight loss that happens in the early stages of a keto diet. However, losing a lot of water and sodium is responsible for many of the unpleasant symptoms of keto flu.

It’s well known that response to the keto transition is very individual. Some people may feel fine or slightly tired for a day or two after starting keto. At the other extreme, there are those who develop symptoms that strongly impact their ability to function for several days.

However, the keto flu doesn’t have to be unbearable for anyone if the proper steps are taken to remedy it.

Drink consommé, bouillon, bone broth, chicken stock or beef stock — and stir in a spoonful of salted butter, if you like. Or, if you’re using low-sodium bone broth or stock, add a pinch or two of salt. For vegetarians: vegetable broth is just as good, but you need to add more salt than you’re accostumed to get the same relief.

In addition, make sure you’re drinking enough water. The larger you are, the more water you’ll probably lose in the early stages of keto, and the more you’ll need to replace.

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